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Mt. Tamalpais Mt. Tamalpais Mt. Tamalpais
Mt. Tamalpais Mt. Tamalpais Mt. Tamalpais

Mt. Tamalpais


 Roasted Buckwheat, Lemon Verbena, Tarragon, Orange Peel, Anise Hyssop

Tasting Notes - Brown Rice, Candied Orange, Noyaux

Mt Tamalpais is a toasty and verdant infusion that marries Roasted Buckwheat with garden herbs and bright citrus. The blend was originally created in collaboration with Permanent Collection and is inspired by the landscape of coastal Northern California. Mt Tamalpais, from which the tea is named, is the tallest peak in the region and always in view when communing with the area’s wild nature. We offer this tea as an homage to the land and all it holds. When you drink this tea, our hope is that you feel the resonance of this special place and harmonize with the grounding and expansive energy of a beloved mountain.

  • Net Wt 70g / 23 Servings Loose Leaf Tea
  • To Brew: 1-3g tea • 8oz filtered or spring water •205F• 3-4 minutes. Strain leaves from water and enjoy. Save leaves to re-steep if desired.