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Umbra Pilar Ring Umbra Pilar Ring Umbra Pilar Ring
Umbra Pilar Ring Umbra Pilar Ring Umbra Pilar Ring

Umbra Pilar Ring


Like a starry night sky, this unique Pilar is made of scattered diamonds held in jet; a material approximately 180 million years old and a form of fossilized wood that borders on being pure carbon. It lends itself to a semi polished finish and suggests warmth, rather than the cool, hard finish of polished onyx. A perfect setting for the two diamonds: one 2.5mm of champagne color, and the other a 1.5mm pinpoint of bright white. 

The use of jet in jewelry dates back to Neolithic times and it is even said that the Egyptians, having given it a very high polish, used it as mirrors. Queen Victoria turned the material into mourning jewelry after the loss of her husband, Prince Albert. But is also said to ease anxiety, remind you of the positivity of humility, and might even inspire you to reinvent yourself.

Ursa Major's classic Pilar setting and measures 8.5mm at its widest point. Shown here in recycled 18k royal yellow gold. Royal yellow has a scant amount more copper than standard 18k yellow, making it ever so slightly warmer.  

  • 18k Royal Yellow Gold + Jet + Diamonds
  • Made in Maine
  • Size 7