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Sun Gold Sun Gold Sun Gold
Sun Gold Sun Gold Sun Gold

Sun Gold


Botanical perfume made from completely natural ingredients. The aromatic essences are derived from plant and animal materials, not synthesized from petroleum products. The perfumes of de Kloka are hand-blended from essential oils, Co2 extractions, absolutes, concretes, tinctures, natural isolates and compounded natural isolates from around the world. For people who thought they didn’t like perfume or are often overwhelmed by commercial fragrances that are made with synthetic ingredients.

Sparkling sunshine drying spring rain in a secret, verdant garden, citrus trees in bloom, warm skin brushed against ripe, wild tomato plants...

head - pink grapefruit, yuzu

heart - tomato, petitgrain, osmanthus

base - mitti attar, incense, balsam

  • Handmade in Northern California
  • 30 ML