Soap has recently become a much more important part of all of our lives, but Addison Walz has seen its glory for quite a while. Addison Walz is a sculptor, natural dyer, textile artist and soap maker based in Brooklyn NY. She founded Mater Soap out of a deep appreciation for the minimalist beauty of a traditional bar soap and its ability to nourish the body and mind by enhancing the ritual of bathing. Say no more, we are with you Addison.


What do you do for inspiration?

    Most of my inspiration comes from the process of making: what tools are employed to aid the human hand, what they produce and finally how theses are used. I am always inspired by going to see utilitarian objects of human history at the MET, weaving tools, cooking tools, building tools. This is where I find most of my inspiration, in human history.
    Weaving tools ca. 1295–1070 B.C.


    Do you cook? If so what’s your go to recipe?

      Growing up in Italy, I learned how to cook with my father.  Every night we would make dinner together and most of our meals were vegetarian Italian. Soap making is an alchemy like cooking so I kind of feel like I am always cooking. Right now, my favorite recipe is my sourdough bread. I make one loaf a week from my starter. It is a labor of love to feed and care for the bread bacteria but it is such a fulfilling part of my week.

      Find Addison's Favorite sourdough recipe and video HERE

        What’s your favorite city and perfect day in that city?

        Rome is my favorite city. I lived there from 8 to 18 years old with my father and sister. I feel a deep connection with it even though I have committed to NYC for the time being. My perfect day in Rome is on a moped, cruising over the cobblestones in June, when the days are warm and long.

          What’s the last good book you read?

            Just finished Octavia Butler’s Parable of the Sower and am now reading Solitary, a memoir of Albert Woodfox about the horrors of the American Prison Industrial Complex.

               One piece of art you could look at every day?

                Anything by Anni Albers, but specifically a work called Epitaph, 1968, the last weaving she ever made. 

                  Annie Albers via MATER SOAP Inspiration: Interview with Addison Walz

                  What album do you have on repeat?

                    Burial, Untrue. But I listen to a ton of RnB while I work. Hot 97 is my jam. 
                      Listen to Burial HERE!


                      What are you most excited about right now?

                        Other than the new Mater products I am working on… I also have an art studio and practice (in the same space as the soap factory) and have been really excited about bringing some of those ideas into Mater. My work is mostly involving textile practices like felting and weaving. 

                          What’s your most used tool?

                            That would be a tie between my guitar-string soap cutter, my bread proofing basket, and my 6 ft weaving loom.

                              If you could have anyone (past or present) use your soap, who would it be?

                                My mother, who passed away when I was four. Mater Soap was named for her.

                                    Is there a movie that you never get tired of watching?

                                      Rear Window, or any Hitchcock for that matter


                                      You can find Addison's Art HERE  & you can find Mater Soap HERE


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