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      Wildflower honey from the mountains above Santa Barbara, infused with moroccan roses and 24 carat gold.

      Wildflower Honey comes from the mountains above Santa Barbara. It is 100% raw and unpasteurized. All 3 ingredients trace back to the medicinal and alchemical practices of ancient Egypt, china and summer. Nearly all mineral substances of Mendeleev’s periodic table can be found in rose petals, while honey has been revered for its antioxidant powers and amazing source of energy. The ancient Chinese cooked their rice with gold coins in it to mineralize their bodies.

      Ingredients: 100% Raw Wildflower Honey, Moroccan Roses, 24k Gold Leaf

      Greg was raised by his Japanese mother, alongside her were his Japanese grandparents and uncles. Everything Greg ate as a kid was spiked with soy sauce and at times, ketchup. This Japanese style of cooking that includes western condiments is called Yoshuku. During his teenage years through his early adult years, he spent his time skateboarding and going on tour playing music. In between those hours, he worked jobs at the kitchen, most of them focused on plant-based cuisine. Greg” focus is now on his brand Dark Horse Organic, which he “technically” founded in November of 2017. Although the brand is only two years old, he has been perfecting and working on those flavors for years prior to diving deep into his word of condiments, sauces and ferments.



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