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      Perfect for the cook, art lover or both, this book vividly conveys how food greatly enhances our enjoyment and understanding of Picasso's work.

      "An exhibition on the subject of Picasso's kitchen? Why not? There is nothing at all incongruous in the idea, because cooking is a subtle revelation of Picasso's art: painting, engraving, sculpture, ceramics, poetry and theatre. What is more, we should not neglect the role of the restaurant as a meeting place for the avant-gardes, from the Quatre Gats tavern in Barcelona to the cabaret Au Lapin Agile on Montmartre, where the bohemians of the time and Picasso's little entourage would share a table. Food, utensils and places related to cooking have a powerful capacity for evocation or association. Indeed, the very act of eating and digesting is a metaphor for a creative artist. In the edible--and even the inedible--there is a joyful possibility of swallowing the world. Picasso had this taste for the world and for all that is concrete, to the point of biting into it: 'I can no longer bear this miracle, that of knowing nothing of this world and having learned nothing but to love things and eat them alive.' His continual inventions and the euphoria of his imaginary bear witness to an insatiable appetite: Picasso enters the arena of the kitchen and commences his great ceremony. As Heraclitus said: 'the gods are in the kitchen.'"--Back cover.

      -324 pages

      -Fundació Museu Picasso de Barcelona, 2018



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