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      “I made a promise to myself to stop with the new recipe R+D because I thought I already developed everything I wished for. But this recipe patiently waited for its moment. It was calibrating, brewing and quietly finishing in the oak barrels sitting there in the dark for two long years. I was refusing to touch it as deep in my heart I knew that I would break my promise. Ladies and gentlemen, let me present to you the alpha and omega of beer chocolate. This is hedonistic Imperial Stout chocolate recipe is the zenith of my career as a chocolatier. Cheers!”

      Domantas Uzpalis, chocolatier

      -62% Cacao

      -Ingredients: cacao, sugar, cacao butter, grass-fed milk powder, imperial stout (malt, hops, barley) May contain traces of nuts.

      -Keep it dry and cool

      Naive’s founder and chocolate maker Domantas Uzpalis believes that to create premium chocolate he needs to work closely with actual producers, not just the middle men, so that he can build great chocolates from the very start. Naive relies on Lithuania’s old fashioned agriculture and harvests wild ingredients from some of the world’s most pristine forests to create distinctly Eastern European chocolate. Inclusions like ambrosia, kefir, tahini, and porcini mushrooms are paired carefully with various cacao origins, then the ingredients are freeze-dried and ground with the cacao, resulting in bars with silky smooth textures that carry distinct aromas.



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