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      smokey flavor, subtle heat and an earth-shattering texture

      The long debate over "Which chili crisp is the best chili crisp?" is finally over! Once we first tasted this mix of smoky and fruity chilies, meticulously fried garlic, crispy shallots, Marcona almonds and toasted sesame seeds, we knew that all other chili crisps didn't have a leg to stand on. Perhaps it is the added touch of coconut sugar and sea salt that sets it apart, perhaps its the tiny small batch love that goes into each jar... but whatever it is, its GOOOOOOOOD! Spoon it generously over eggs, avocado toast, flaky fish, crushed potatoes or really anything you eat. Are you eating dinner tonight? Yeah, put it on that!

      -Ingredients: oil, chilies, shallots, Marcona almonds, garlic, sesame seeds, coconut sugar, Maldon salt.

      -8oz glass jar

      -Made in small batches in Brooklyn, New York

      Onino was created in 2021 as a way for Cristy-Lucie to scratch a creative itch during the first year of her baby Nino’s life. A mishmosh of Chinese chili crisp and Mexican salsa macha that you can load on with confidence and glee. Crazy crunchy, not too spicy (Nino eats it with a spoon!), nice and smoky and mostly, crunchies!!! 



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