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      Start your own Bee Sanctuary with Bee Seeds!

      One of the largest threats to bees is the lack of habitat due to urban sprawl. If you notice a lack of green space in your neighborhood, you can volunteer to plant a bee friendly garden with Bee Seeds and create a habitat with nectar-rich wildflowers. You don’t need a ton of space to help Save the Bees, gardens can be established in small spaces like balconies or side yards.

      -We recommend planting your seeds in garden beds or pots so you can bee in full control of your Bee Sanctuary. 

      -Packed with 18 different species of wildflowers that are suited for pollinators of all types! Bees, birds, and butterflies flock to the colorful gardens in which this mix is sowed.

      -Native to North America and is suitable to be grown in all USDA Zones.
      -50% Annual, 50% Perennial Species: 100% Pure Seed
      -Planting these seeds supports the health of pollinators such as honey bees, birds, and butterflies.
      -Best to be grown in an area with Full Sun Exposure

      -Each pack of Bee Seeds has approximately 2000 seeds.

      Bee Seeds contains the following species of Wildflowers: Siberian Wallflower, Cosmos Sensation Mix, Lance Leaf Coreopsis, California Poppy (Orange), Lemon Queen Sunflower, Purple Coneflower, Baby Blue Eyes, Evening Primrose, Perennial Lupine, Red Corn Poppy, Purple Phacelia, New England Aster, Perennial Gaillardia, Gayfeather/Blazing Star, Sweet Alyssum, Bergamot, Yellow Prairie Coneflower, Crimson Clover



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