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SS Ampio Plait Ring SS Ampio Plait Ring SS Ampio Plait Ring
SS Ampio Plait Ring SS Ampio Plait Ring SS Ampio Plait Ring

SS Ampio Plait Ring


A bold substantial unisex braid. There are few designs that rival the Braid, or Plait, for permanence. The braid, first found in hair styling in ancient Africa has been found in every culture and tradition since. The braids ability to change has helped it both embrace and defy categorization: by gender, religion, class. It's ability to transform, to be simple or complex, traditional or progressive has allowed the braid to become a vessel for symbolism from the Egyptians to the Celts, and Native Americans, right up to today. And on top of all that, the braid is useful – the braid has been essential in the advancement and movement of humankind. Most notably as rope or line – braided line has raised the marble and stone of ancient architecture and has controlled the sails and rigging of boats for millennia. Braided copper cable fills our electronics and braided carbon fiber is revolutionizing industrial design and leading to previously unimagined advances.

  • Sterling Silver with a Shiny Finish
  • Made in NYC
  • 8.5mm wide
  • Offered here in a size 6.5 or size 9